"The Diameter of Your Knowledge Determines The Circumference of Your Sphere of Influence"
Youth Scholars!

“There is only one thing that will really train the human mind, and that is the voluntary use of the mind by the man himself. You may aid him, you may guide him, you may suggest to him, and, above all else, you may inspire him. But the only thing worth having is that which he gets by his own exertions, and what he gets in direct proportion to what he puts into it” -Albert L. Lowel

NOW School is a concept that embodies the attitude of learning in the present to prepare for the future; not just in school, but wherever you are in everyday life. The NOW School “Youth Scholars” Curriculum covers a wide range of subject matter, both traditional and non-traditional, that stimulates thoughts, ideas, reasoning and analysis of every subject and discipline discussed.

In NOW School, students learn how to apply ancient wisdom or “old school” principles to their current “new school” life and professional career aspirations.  This curriculum and program supplements the traditional curriculums taught throughout most educational systems. However, this system and methodology introduces a new holistic approach to life and career choices called, Neuro-Holistic Learning ©. The Neuro-Holistic Learning © paradigm addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of students, as well as their academic and professional career needs within a cultural context necessary for effective learning.

Neuro-Holistic Learning © is the application of the knowledge of the relationship between the Mind, Brain and Body connection for use in teaching and learning. This teaching methodology and course design incorporates An Integrated Kinesthetic Approach to Cognitive Learning and the inter-related principles of the mind, brain and body connection that is delivered and demonstrated via a Collaborative Interactive Thought Exchange © process conducted in a blended learning environment.

An Integrated Kinesthetic Approach to Cognitive Learning © is the use of a combination of specific tools, techniques, technologies and exercises that contain parallel principles across five kinesthetic systems of health and wellness used within the Neuro-Holistic Learning © paradigm. This teaching methodology integrates and combines various disciplines across all domains of learning by incorporating both traditional and nontraditional cross-pollination of course content and cultural contexts which allows for the creation and cultivation of student-centered learning environments.

The Collaborative Interactive Thought Exchange © (C.I.T.E.) process is a dialogue that focuses on finding the underlying principles of a subject or topic in relation to the mind, brain and body. Concept Cognition believes that this holistic approach to teaching and learning will stimulate and evoke the student’s innate and intrinsic abilities, skills, gifts, and talents to help produce within each student innovative idea generation, constructive choice and decision-making, creative problem-solving, mental fortitude (the ability to handle stress and peer-pressure) and a commitment of excellence to themselves, their families, their community and the world beyond their high school and college learning experiences.

Our Formula for Success!

  • Subject-Matter
  • Our interesting and diverse subject-matter rooted in universal principles and holistic concepts encourage meaningful dialogue and discussions.
  • Intensity
  • Our rigorous reading and writing regime challenges students to excel beyond their standard academic requirements and fosters mental discipline, focus and management of time.
  • Learning Evironment
  • Our online and face-to-face learning environment is designed to engage the mind of the participants with a unique teaching and learning methodology that incorporates the science of whole-brain thinking. Every participant is both a teacher and a student in this learning environment.